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 Introducing Music Talent Discovery  

 MTD is a free Music Talent Discovery app that allows talented artists to easily upload a 1-minute talent video of their music performance on our Music Talent Discovery (MTD) App. Artist uploaded video performances rise to the top of the page based on the highest number of votes. The videos with the highest number of votes given by other app users rise to the top of the page will be promoted by us for a chance to be signed by music producers!

Artists with many votes may even be discovered by talent agents and can become a celebrity! There are many career advantages of participating in the MTD talent discovery. Participating in the MTD helps the artist get the ultimate exposure that their music talent deserves to advance their music talent career! 

On MTD App, many entertainment big names and talent agents in the industry worldwide are constantly watching and scouting for their next big artist to sign! Therefore, you owe it to yourself to get your music talent exposure worldwide for a chance to possibly become the next big thing in the world of entertainment! "What good is a music talent if nobody can hear and appreciate it?" Your chance and moment to shine await you! So go on and SHINE!

Got Music Singing Talent? Let MTD promote your musical talent! Music Talent Discovery (MTD) is your opportunity to bring your talent on the world’s stage to shine! MTD App is where you show the world what you’ve got!

MTD is a free talent discovery app that allows talented music artists to easily upload up to a 1-minute of their singing talent video to the Music Talent Discovery (MTD) App for a chance to be discovered by music producers worldwide!

How MTD Works:

On MTD App, uploaded videos are automatically displayed above other videos based on the highest number of VOTES the video receives from MTD App users. The participating artists will have the opportunity to expose their musical talents for the world to see! Their number of likes and popularity increases their chances of going viral on social media and possibly become the next big star and get signed! 

• To be eligible to participate in the MTD, a participant must be 17 years or older. Those who are under age 17 must have parental consent and permission

• No limit on the number of music talent videos to upload to the MTD App.

• Videos are automatically ranked to the top of the page by the highest votes by app users' audience.

• Let MTD promote your musical talent for the world to cheer you on! Go Viral; launch your music talent stardom shine!

• MTD chooses the most viewed and top-ranked and voted videos to promote!

1.0: General MTD Participation Rules:

1.1: You must be 17 years or older to participate unless with parental or guardian permission/consent)
1.2: Uploading advertisements of any kind is prohibited – user account in violation will be blocked or deleted
1.3: Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Do NOT upload another user’s video or someone else video. If you're singing someone's song, mention that you’re singing "Cover", the song title, and that artist's name, If you're singing your song, mention that you’re singing "Original" the song title and your name. MTD and its partners will NOT be responsible for any copyrights or intellectual property violations. No mechanically reproduced or copyright material entries will be accepted. By entering, entrants represent and warrant that their talent is being submitted and that it does not violate the rights of any third parties.
1.4: All video uploads must be an original video, with no watermarks or your contact information such as phone number, emails, social media handle, and the like due to privacy concerns. "It is prohibited"
1.5: Contestants must not upload inappropriate videos 
1.6: You must personally be live in all talent videos you uploaded to be promoted by MTD (In order words, you must be the person in the talent video you uploaded and NOT anyone else)
1.7: Absolutely No copyright infringements will be tolerated
1.8: No lip-syncing, lip-synching will be the reason for disqualification from MTD talent promotion
1.9: We reserve the right to reject any video which may have violated our policy
1.13: All participating video upload joining fees are non-refundable
1.15: All participants understand that they must be an independent, unprofessional, unsigned artist not associated with any other recording contract in any country at the time of their entry into the MTD music talent promotion. Being associated with any other recording or professional performance company automatically disqualifies the contestant from all winnings. No exceptions.


2.1: Any material that can be considered spam, advertisements, misleading, or repetitive
2.2: Any material that can be considered sexually explicit in content that involves nudity, pornography of any kind, violence, and violation of human rights
2.4: Cyber Bullying, use of profanity, all violence, religious bashing, sexual orientation bashing or shaming of any kind, racial slurs or comments that can be considered hate-crime related
2.5: Anything promoting or showing eating disorders, self-harm, suicide, animal or human cruelty
2.6: Uploading misleading harmful material regarding health and safety
2.7: Harassment of any, threats, personal attacks, or blackmail
2.8: No personal, political, or religious hate speech of any kind
2.9: No images or verbal influences of violence or the promotion of such
2.10: Use of intellectual property belonging to others, or trademark and copyright infringement without first obtaining permissions from their respective owners
2.11: Posting underage participants without parental or guardian permission/consent



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